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  How to access your account

For accessing your account information, you will be diverted to our registrars online site MCS Ltd

You will be asked to enter your user id and password along with your PIN number. If you  already have registered with MCS Ltd and have your User ID and PIN number, click here. The PIN enables you to query your Account and print your Account Statement

If you do not have a PIN, click here and print the enclosed document and print the document on Rs.20/- stamp paper and mail it to nearest MCS Ltd. branches. Click here to view the MCS branches here.

The PIN will reach you from MCS by return post that may be used in various services offered by MCS.

You may also post your enquiries about your account to MCS here. For regulatory reasons, we are authorised to process only transaction requests or change of address requests signed in original.

For investors complaints with MCS Ltd. click here, Broker can click here for broker complaint

For any enquiries with MCS Ltd., click here

Also you can download following forms from MCS Online site



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